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Modern methods of particulate emissions testing in Germany. Almost new diesel cars do not pass technical tests.

Modernity is entering the automotive industry by leaps and bounds in the subject of measuring vehicle emissions. New methods of measuring particulate matter have shown that even modern filters that…

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Does biodiesel affect on the condition of the DPF?

Does the biodiesel affect on the confition of the DPF? The need to reduce emissions of harmful substances from the combustion of petroleum derivatives has forced fuel manufacturers to find…

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XTON – the official sponsor of kickboxing champion Łukasz Pławecki

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Our equipment in the machinery park of Łukasiewicz Research Network

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The most cost-effective DPF chemistry on the market

Hydrodynamic regeneration is currently the most effective and safest method of cleaning diesel particulate filters (DPF or gasoline particulate filter, GPF; French: filtre à particules, FAP) and catalytic converters on…

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How to effectively boost transport company profits in 2022?

What are the main costs of a transport company? Managing a transport company is no easy nut to crack and anyone with experience in the industry will sign up with…

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Our attendence at Master Truck Show 2022

In dust and dirt we left this year’s Master Truck Show 2022. With a tear in our eye, we recall the events of last weekend. We were greeted at the…

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We became a partner of the Adam Sroka Rally and Kielar Autosport rally team.

The Rzeszów Rally is seen as one of the most demanding rallies of the most important national championship. The narrow, fast and highly technical routes require the maximum level of…

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How to make money from tires vulcanization all year long?

How to make money from the vulcanization all year long? Do you run a tire service with vulcanization services? Do you want to make money all year long, not just…

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Is it worth buying a car with the DPF cut out?

The decision of buying a car with a DPF cut out is a controversial one and requires careful consideration of the consequences that may arise in the future.     Diesel…

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Together with TRUCK-EXPERTS, we conduct a series of trainings

This week, together with TRUCK-EXPERTS, we conduct a series of trainings for the best diagnostics and owners of trucks, construction, specialized and industrial machines in the field of regeneration of…

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