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DPF Master Flash Expert

Innovative, made in Poland, professional DPF Cleaning Machine. It is a compilation of all the top solutions available on the market.

DPF Master Flash Professional PLUS

The highest quality device for the regeneration of DPF / FAP / GPF / SCR / EURO 5 / EURO 6 filters and catalysts. Dedicated to all types of cars.

DPF Heater Pro Plus

Device dedicated for drying all types of particulate filters and catalysts made entirely from stainless steel AISI 304 and acid resistant AISI 316.

DPF Master Flash Professional

A professional device for the regeneration of DPF / FAP / GPF filters and catalysts, dedicated mainly to passenger cars and vans.

DPF Master Flash Standard

Acompact device for the regeneration of diesel particulate filters. Dedicated to passenger cars. Machine without drying system.

Master Cleaner MC 1000

High-pressure device used to clean heavy dirt from steel, iron or aluminum, removes grease and oil deposits without damaging the surface of the element.

Master Cleaner MC 850

High-pressure workshop washer dedicated to professional use in the broadly understood industry. It allows you to work in two variants: with a rotating basket or a rigid spray arm.

XTON Sandblaster

A compact, top-quality sandblasting and glass blasting device. Recommended for workshops with a limited working area.

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