The most cost-effective DPF chemistry on the market

Hydrodynamic regeneration is currently the most effective and safest method of cleaning diesel particulate filters (DPF or gasoline particulate filter, GPF; French: filtre à particules, FAP) and catalytic converters on the market.

The DPF decontamination process, which is carried out in a specialised machine that uses the power of hydrodynamics – high-pressure water impacts. Thanks to a mixture of compressed air and water with detergent, impurities that are by-products of fuel combustion in the drive unit, such as soot, carbon build-up, ash, heavy metals and cerium oxides, are removed from the filter monolith. Water-based cleaning produces excellent results. The right machine parameters and the chemistry used guarantee that the DPF/FAP/SCR/EURO5/EURO6 can be restored to their factory specifications without interfering with their delicate structure.

A cleaning agent plays a not insignificant role in the regeneration process of particulate filters and catalytic converters.

What should be the best fluid for DPF regeneration in the machine?

  • Effective,
  • Efficient,
  • Cost-effective at any scale of operation,
  • Safe for the machine and its accessories,
  • Non-hazardous for the user,
  • No negative impact on the environment.

Which product to choose in order to achieve satisfactory results and not to ruin your wallet while maintaining an adequate level of safety?

Confident in our solution, we recommend DPF Cleaner EXTRA POWER by XTON. It is an outstanding product with unique features.

Intended use.

DPF Cleaner Extra Power is dedicated to hydrodynamic DPF machines from all manufacturers, in particular the DPF Master Flash series.

Chemical composition.

The special composition of the ingredients and the appropriate surface tension ensure thorough cleaning of the DPF monolith’s micropores from accumulated deposits without disturbing the precious metals contained in the walls of the cartridge, such as platinum and palladium. After regeneration, the filter surface is protected with a protective coating.

The well-thought-out formulation ensures the safety of the water system and the machine’s rubber seals, while the corrosion inhibitors contained in the preparation prevent oxidation of the machine’s metal components.

Cost-efficient DPF cleaning solutions.

Thanks to its concentrated formula, DPF Cleaner Extra Power chemistry allows up to 20 regeneration services to be carried out from a 1-litre economical pack, giving only 50 ml of liquid per DPF). The absence of the need to create a solution in the water tank and the direct application of the formulation to the surface of the filter insert minimises the risk of additional costs resulting, for example, from the need to replace the liquid in the tank prematurely.

DPF Cleaner Extra Power reaches its highest efficiency already at 38°C, which is up to 2 times lower than competitive solutions. The ability to operate at low temperatures prevents excessive power consumption and allows you to reap even greater profits from your DPF regeneration services without sacrificing quality.


The agent has an inert reaction, which means that it does not adversely affect people or the environment. The substances in the composition are biodegradable and undergo natural decomposition in 100%. In addition, it has a neutral odour, which has a positive effect on working comfort.

Price/performance ratio.

Reviewing the offers of manufacturers of DPF chemistry, we can find detergents designed for hydrodynamic regeneration, the manufacturer of which recommends creating a solution in a tank – 1 litre of chemistry per 20 litres of water and additionally applying 200 ml to each filter during the cleaning process itself. Assuming that 5 litres of such chemistry costs more than EUR 200 net, and the average capacity of the tank is 300-400 litres, then to be able to start regenerating the filters, we have to prepare for an expenditure of even more than EUR 850 net. If we add to this the cost of electricity needed to ensure the proper temperature recommended by the manufacturer (60-80°C), operating costs rise to exorbitant amounts raising the price of the service itself unnecessarily for the end customer and reducing the profitability of the business.

DPF Cleaner Extra Power allows the effective regeneration of DPF/FAP/GPF filters of all types of vehicles with the best value for money among all competitive solutions offered by the market.

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