Does biodiesel affect on the condition of the DPF?

Does the biodiesel affect on the confition of the DPF? The need to reduce emissions of harmful substances from the combustion of petroleum derivatives has forced fuel manufacturers to find alternatives, so biocomponents are increasingly appearing in our fuels. Their use means lower emissions of particulates and toxic gases, but also a new challenge for designers of propulsion systems and exhaust gas purification systems.

Is it safe to use the biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a biofuel that is produced from natural materials such as plants, organic waste and animal fats.  In Europe, the most common variety of biodiesel is a mixture with an admixture of rapeseed oil, or soya oil. Unlike traditional diesel, which is made from petroleum, biodiesel is greener and more environmentally friendly.

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This type of fuel undoubtedly has many advantages, starting with a reduction in the production of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, PM10, PM2,5. The production of biofuels also has a positive impact on the national economy and agriculture. Unfortunately, the new type of fuel poses new challenges for the automotive industry.

It turns out that the use of biodiesel can affect the lifetime of DPFs. Biodiesel tends to form oily deposits and generates increased soot production. These deposits can plug DPFs, causing premature wear or irreversible damage.

Due to this fact, engine and DPF manufacturers have adopted a solution for engines that has been specifically designed for biodiesel, the so-called  post-injection – a system that injects additional fuel when the exhaust valves are open. The fuel ignites in the hot exhaust system, burning off any residue and cleaning the filter in the process. This solution also has its weaknesses; it contributes to higher fuel consumption and deterioration of the oil quality (loss of lubricating properties) by diluting it with fuel dripping into the oil sump.

It is important to carry out DPF regeneration on a regular basis to avoid premature wear and to ensure that the filters are functioning properly. If there are any problems with the DPF, it is always advisable to contact a professional car mechanic who will be able to help diagnose and repair the problems.

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