Sustainable Development

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

For the sake of the environment, we comply with the requirements of the European Green Deal and operate according to the principles of Sustainable Development.

Aware of the negative impact of human activity on the condition of the natural environment, we focus on pro-ecological strategies to improve the quality of air, water, soil and to save endangered species thanks to our CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility politics.

Due to the fact that our head office is located in a very picturesque part of Poland – Beskid Sądecki – the well-being of forests, rivers and lakes is of great importance to us.

In our business we focus on Sustainable Development. We streamline production processes, promote waste segregation, water saving and many other eco-solutions among our employees, which will certainly spread beyond the workplace.

We strive for a green deal.

Reducing our carbon footprint and restoring ecosystems is a priority for us, and we know that implementing eco-solutions in our company is another step towards sustainable development.

Beskid Sądecki Landscape

How do we care for the planet?

Ecological DPF Master Flash machines

Since the beginning of XTON activity the offer of devices for DPF regeneration has been supporting the ecological solution for diesel engine cars – the particulate filter. We are of the opinion that filtration of exhaust gases to stop harmful, carcinogenic compounds is a necessity. Therefore, we propose the regeneration of this component to ensure its proper functioning and minimise the costs that car owners would have to incur when replacing the DPF with a new one.

DPF Cleaner Extra Power

Unique cleaner for diesel particulate filters is another ECO product in our offer. Thanks to its unique formula it is characterised by high effectiveness and is one hundred percent biodegradable and has no impact on human health and the environment.

We bet on RES

Renewable energy sources are proof that we can benefit the environment without harming it. Recently, the roof of our production hall was covered with solar panels that produce electricity from the sun, which largely satisfies the plant’s electricity needs.

We reduce printing

Thanks to electronic circulation of invoices and other documents, we reduce the use of paper.


Our fleet is supplemented by zero-emission electric cars.

Waste segregation

Waste recycling is fundamental. We place great emphasis on waste selection on the company premises. Waste from production and packaging, as well as waste from the offices, is carefully sorted.

“Land is not inherited from our parents, we borrow it from our children”.

Future generations will live on the kind of land we leave them. That is why it is important to promote good attitudes. We support educational campaigns on ecological issues. We hope that in this way we will contribute to raising young people who are aware of their responsibility for the environment.

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