The most advanced DPF cleaning technology

XTON DPF Master Flash™ Technology

XTON DPF Master Flash is the most modern and technologically advanced DPF remanufacturing machine – the only one certified to ISO 9001:2015.

The most technologically advanced DPF cleaning machine.

Fluid mechanics – XTON DPF Master Flash™ technology is based on exploiting the potential of hydrodynamics.

During the regeneration process, the DPF Master Flash™ machine injects water and high-pressure air into the particulate filter. The forces applied to the water molecules cause the effect of turbulent motion, in which the fluid particles move along collision paths, often circular (vortex). They perform both progressive and retrograde motion, which leads to them colliding and mixing.

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Dedicated XTON chemistry is a guarantee of safety and effectiveness.

In order to increase cleaning effectiveness, we use the active cleaning agent DPF CLEANER EXTRA POWER, which, thanks to its unique formula, softens soot deposits, ash, dust and other harmful substances, and combines with carbon deposit particles to facilitate their removal. This is due to the appropriately selected density and viscosity, which reduce the surface tension of the liquid, which favourably influences the mixing of the liquid with impurities.

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Guarantee of reliability.

The machines in the DPF Master Flash series are the only machines on the world market to be manufactured in accordance with the international standards described in the case of ISO PN-EN 9001:2015.

Manufacturing machines in accordance with ISO PN-EN 9001:2015 certification gives our customers the assurance that the product they receive is reliable and safe made by qualified specialists in metalworking, industrial automation, eletronics, electrics and engineering.

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