DPF Regeneration Machine

DPF Master Flash Expert

Innovative, Poland-made, professional device for regeneration of a wide range of DPF, FAP, GPF, SCR, EURO5, EURO6 and catalysts. It is a compilation of all the top solutions available on the market.Thanks to top-class components from manufacturers such as: SHNEIDER, EBARA, CALPEDA, WEINTEK, EATON, HAGER, WIELAND, FATEK, LEISTER, SIEMENS and well thought-out design process DPF Master Flash EXPERT outperforms solutions offered by competing companies.

DPF Master Flash EXPERT- professional device ford DPF cleaning

DPF Master Flash Expert is a compilation of all the top solutions available on the market.

Device description:

The two-way and fully automatic regeneration program (washing, drying), automatic refilling of water and chemical agent, double tank with a capacity of 570 l, side-channel blower with a capacity of 1200 m3/h and two pumps, make the device characterized by the highest efficiency and effectiveness. The hydrodynamic filter cleaning method in combination with the unique, dedicated XTON DPF CLEANER chemistry removes the remains of PM10, PM2.5 particles, oil, cerium and heavy metals without mechanical interference in the filter and allows to restore its factory efficiency in 99%.

The best in all areas

Supports all types of vehicle filters: cars, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery

Entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and acid resistant AISI 316

Water system designed for a liquid temperature of 100°C

Dedicated mobile application (App Store, Google Play) and diagnostics via Internet

Two-way and automatic regeneration program (washing, drying)

Automatic refill of water and chemical agent

Dual tank with a total volume of 570 l

Side channel blower with a capacity of 1200 m3/h

Two fluid pumps

Triple water heating system

Control with inverters

5 regeneration programs with programmable settings

99.8% restoration of filter parameters to factory settings

Set includes adapters for all types of filters including EURO6 and EURO5

Technical data:

mobile app
950 kg
External dimensions (L x W x H)
280 x 148 x 215 cm
Chamber dimensions (L x W x H)
205 x 104 x 110 cm
Dirty water tank capacity
290 liters
Clean water tank capacity
280 liters
Tank thermal insulation
Automatic dosing of the cleaning agent
Automatic water refill
Thermal printer for parameter printing
Working pressure
7- 10 bar (90 – 100 psi)
3 x 400 V
Max power
24 kW
50 Hz
Water connection (supply)
Water connection (drain)
Air connection
pneumatic quick connector DN7,2, plug
Ambient temperature
5 – 35° C
Noise level during operation
> 82 dB
Fluid temperature
adjustable from 30 – 100°C
Drying temperature
adjustable from 70 to 130°C
Optimal operating temperature
38 °C
Pressure hoses diameter
2 ½”
Filtration pump capacity
up to 450 l/min
Cleaning pump performance
up to 250 l/min
Fluid filtration
3 stage, 5 – 100 microns
Air flow rate
Up to 1200 m³/h
Regeneration mode
automatic, bi-directional
Drying mode
automatic, bi-directional
Pollution measurement system
expressed in mbar and kPa
temperature sensor, pressure sensor, open door sensor, safety emergency stop switch
Declaration of conformity

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