Myths about DPF

The Web circulates a lot of false theories about DPF and its regeneration, in today’s article will dispel several myths on the subject.

DPF regeneration is not needed, the soot will burn itself out while driving.

Unfortunately, the process of burning occurring in the filter is not 100% effective, the final product of soot burning is always ash, which even after burnout remains in the structure of the filter monolith gradually clogging it.

DPF is an idea of ecologists and a way to make profits of large corporations.

This is not true, particulate matter is very dangerous to the environment, and above all to humans. Their small size makes it easy to penetrate the respiratory system and even the bloodstream, causing serious diseases such as asthma and cancer. In 2014, the WHO (World Health Organization) classified particulates as carcinogenic.

Simply cutting out the DPF is enough to get rid of the problem.

Such a procedure is illegal, subject to a fine of at least 500 zł, in addition, the car from which the filter was removed loses its homologation and its owner of the registration card, which is tantamount to a ban on driving such a vehicle. In addition, the removal of DPF can cause a number of failures of the engine and its components.

DPF filters are installed only in Diesel car.

This is a bluff. In 2014, Mercedes of the year was the first to use a diesel particulate filter in a gasoline car. As of 2018. DPF is standard equipment of gasoline cars and is called GPF -Gasoline Particulate Filter.

Cars with DPF have a worse performance to meet emission standards.

This is a myth. The current technological capabilities allow for maximum efficiency of the system, with high torque and optimal rpm while maintaining a low level of combustion. Increased rpm, higher fuel expenditure, lack of dynamics may be caused not by the existence of the filter itself but its obstruction. Such condition is a step toward more serious damage of the injection system, turbocharger or the power unit itself.

Chemical regeneration is the fastest and most effective way to unblock the DPF.

It is a cheap but ineffective method. Application of a chemical agent to the filter can cause its displacement deep into the monolith and lead to blockage. This situation leads to a rapid increase in temperature in the filter, increase in pressure in the system, increase in oil level, and turbocharger failure.

Once the filter is regenerated it has to be repeated frequently.

The correct regeneration with the most efficient hydrodynamic method available on the market allows trouble-free driving even for 200 thousand kilometers (a statistical Pole drives 20 thousand kilometers a year, so theoretical regeneration allows us to enjoy the driving for 10 years).

We will soon look at other information concerning the exhaust gas cleaning system.

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